EX-PRESS™* Glaucoma Filtration Device :
The EX-PRESS™ Glaucoma Filtration Device is a small unit -
similar in size to a grain of rice - that is implanted between the
inner region and the outer region of the eye.

The device is placed by simply lifting a tiny flap of the edge of the
eye and injecting the simple device.

The device sits peacefully under the flap and just within the eye,
causing no problems. It is so tiny it cannot be felt.

The EX-PRESS™ Glaucoma Filtration Device enables the
drainage system of the eye, which has been damaged by
glaucoma, to be bypassed.  

Videos can be seen on www.alconglaucomasurgery.com.
Glaucoma Progression and Treatment :
Primary open-angle glaucoma can be managed by long-term use of eyedrops to reduce intraocular pressure or surgery (e. g.
trabeculectomy) and should be followed up by long-term monitoring of the visual field, optic disc, and intra-ocular pressure

Medicinal and surgical treatments for glaucoma are addressing the global threat of glaucoma in an effort to bring about a
significant reduction in the occurrence of preventable blindness throughout the world.

Glaucoma Treatment Paradigm:
Medical Therapy :
Various drops are available.
Alpha2 - adrenergic agonists, like
Prostaglandin Agonists, like Latoprost or Xalatan.  
Beta Blockers , like
Betagan or Timolol.
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors  like Dorzox or Azopt.

Laser Procedures
Yag Laser Iridotomy
SLT and  ALT

Surgical Intervention
Non n penetrating deep sclerectomy
Filtration  Device Surgeries
EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device
Ahmed Tube valve shunts

Why have a Alcon Express valve rather than a regular trabecular glaucoma
surgery? Why does it give more predictable results?
The EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device implanted under the scleral flap had similar IOP-lowering efficacy
as compared to trabeculectomy , however , most important, since  its postoperative aqueous flow is controlled by its unique
flow-modulating design and the scleral flap

The EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device’s design provides controlled drainage, IOP is regulated, resulting in potentially
less hypotony.

It does not require a sclerectomy or peripheral iridectomy and therefore  involves less surgical trauma, patients can expect
more rapid recovery than with the older procedure.

It is therefore far faster to do the procedure with much more safety potentially more predictability—and more
peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device :
Where is the EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device it designed to be used?
It is  intended to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients where medical and conventional surgical glaucoma
treatments have failed.

How does the EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device control postoperative intraocular pressure?
Postoperative aqueous flow is controlled by the devices unique flow modulating system and the scleral flap created in the

How is the EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device potentially more predictable than other filtration surgeries?
Because the EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device does not require sclerectomy or peripheral iridectomy, there is less
surgical trauma. Patients can potentially expect more rapid post-surgical recovery. Furthermore, the EX-PRESS® Glaucoma
Filtration Device provides controlled fluid drainage, which results in better regulated IOP and less hypotony.

Can a patient with an implanted EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device safely undergo magnetic resonance
imaging (MRI)?
MRI of the head is permitted. However, in the first two weeks post implantation it is not recommended unless absolutely

Is the EX-PRESS® Glaucoma Filtration Device biocompatible?
Biocompatibility studies performed in rabbits have demonstrated that the device is safe for implantation in the human eye.
The material used,  a very special grade of stainless steel, similar to that used in heart valve implants has a long history of
safe human implantation.